Model # - Checkmate 30 (solid state)


Super cool 60's Mod design coffee table amp!

Approx 8W, 1-6 in. speaker, solid-state chassis, tremolo, two inputs, four knobs (volume, tone, speed, intensity), footswitch, unique 'coffee table' amplifier. It sits on three legs and is circular, the amp is in the bottom section and the speaker faces upward, brown woodgrain finish with chrome trim, mfg. 1960s.

This amp was made in the mid 60's.The best thing about it is that it is round! It has 2 sections. It stands 14inches in diameter and 18 inches tall. It has a faux wood grained brown plastic finish.The amp is trimmed in chrome with three chrome legs and rubber feet that connect both sections. Approx 8 watts.The amp is set into the lower section. It features volume and tone plus a tremolo section that has speed and intensity knobs.There is also a jack for a foot switch.Two inputs. orange power-on light. The 6 inch speaker is in the top of the lower section and the 8 watts is focused at a white plastic cone that is on the top section. Walk around the amp in any position and feel the full intensity of the 6 inch speaker and the 8 watts working together.

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