Here’s my Irish Christmas song.
I’m playing a dulcimer made in Maine by Dana Bourgeois many years ago.
It was given to me as gift and sat unused until last year.
The girl singing so beautifully is Nichelle Monroe.
Merry Christmas and love to all!

Follow this link to my itunes store for a listen:

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“LJM’s Irish Christmas”

I left a glass of Irish whiskey out for Santa Claus
And he drank it and another one as well
And if I shed a tear, well, it’s too much too close to the surface
Exactly what I couldn’t tell
Love is heaven, love is hell
Noel, Noel
Merry Christmas

I like the lights on the Empire State Building
The trees on every corner in New York City
And all the girls at St. Patrick’s in red velvet
Mmm, so pretty
I light a candle for everyone I love and myself
Noel, Noel
Merry Christmas

So what were we, maybe 19
It was you, your mother and me
Listening to the choir sing on Christmas Eve
Snow falling, all calm, all bright
Did not heaven and nature sing on that holy night
There is hope in the ringing of the bells
Noel, Noel
Merry Christmas

sarah siskind

My friend Sarah Siskind has a new album called “Novel”, and it’s killer.
Here’s my favorite song from it, “Nowhere in the Middle”:


I love this version of “The Motown Song”, I found on youtube. This was the way I originally wrote the song, and it’s great to hear it rediscovered and back to it’s roots:


When I wrote “For My Wedding” the idea was hope, despite a certain world weary understanding of the complexities of marriage. I was really touched by this recent version of the song as sung with cool reserve by this young singer, and ukulele player!


Nice article about Buddy Holly’s 75th that makes mention of my song “Buddy Holly”:



Check out a preview of a few songs I co-wrote with Wendy Lands from her forthcoming new album, “Mumble.”
Great sounds, killer band!


Here are Wendy’s comments from her new website, on the four songs we wrote together:

“Party Girl”: The Anna Nicoles and Marilyns of the world are represented here… tragic, tormented, vulnerable women who seem to love a party more then they love themselves.

“Brand New Juliet”: Oh Van Morrison… how I love thee… Watching my man fall for a woman who seems to have everything I don’t. Bi-ch!

“Paris”: A melancholy sketch of the city of lights, smudged on a creased napkin. Larry John McNally is one of the most legendary writers I’ve had the thrill to work with. He came up with the idea of Paris… a crumbling relationship, lives half lived – dreams fading. Paris is their last chance…

“Just a Little”: Well… sometimes it’s so darn good, ya just want a little bit more, a little bit longer… like all night… that would be alright… don’t tell mom.



Can’t let Gil Scott-Heron’s passing go by without saying goodbye. What a powerful influence he was on me. I was a white boy teenager up in Maine totally moved by his sound and message; “Winter in America.”
His first album was spoken word with drums, and though he was sometimes called “The Godfather of Rap” he didn’t want that title. It was jazz he listened to, he said. I had a long way to go, but that half sung/half spoken sound over blues/RnB music is basically the format I’m still working in.
RIP Gil Scott-Heron

Saw Pegi Young at The Hotel Cafe in Hollywood on Tuesday night. Really fun. Killer show with the legendary Spooner Oldham on keyboards and another Muscle Shoals player Kelvin Holly, tearing it up on his Telecaster. If the band all looks like they’ve been around the block a few times, you could still see the childlike excitement on their faces. Don’t know who wrote the songs but some stand outs were “Blue Sunday” and her gorgeous cover of “I Dont Wanna Talk About It.” Gave me goosebumps. Cool ending with a song called “In the Doghouse.” Funky! Smoking band, great crowd, tour bus parked out front. Cool!

I popped into a coffee shop on Munjoy Hill when I was last in Portland, Maine.
There was a Maine artist showing, I wasn’t familiar with, Leann Wiley.
I immediately loved her work. She has sort of a Fairfield Porter vibe.
Her love for Munjoy Hill sure comes across.
I once lived on North Street there, before the current gentrification.
Here is the only image I could find on the web. Can’t wait to see her work again.


Here’s my new guitar tech. She stopped by today to tune and polish.
The guitars look great don’t they?!

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