Hola mis amigos! New stuff for 2014; My new albums ‘Adios Pony Boy’ and ‘Discovered’ are out now on itunes, spotify, CDBaby etc. So far the fave songs on ‘Adios Pony Boy’ seem to be ‘Romeo & Juliet in Belfast’ featuring the Henry Girls from the north of Ireland This is a song regarding The Troubles in Ireland, hopefully with empathy for both sides, the human side that is. The other most streamed song is ‘Goodbye New York’.

My compilation album, ‘Discovered’, is remastered favorites plus two new songs; ‘No Then Yes’, featuring Nichelle Monroe who will performing with me this year, and ‘Did John Coltrane’, my first track featuring saxophone.
pony boy


Looking ahead to the coming months are 2 more releases; Yard Sale which is a loose ends of various unreleased songs of mine. I love this group of songs, some folky, some funky, some jazzy.

I have been slowly compiling a sort of tribute album featuring the songs from my latest abum, Adios Pony Boy. So far 5 of my friends have contributed their interpretations of my songs. Big fun for me, to hear where people go with what was my original inspiration. The first five are, Michael Ruff singing Carroll Gardens, Nichelle Monroe singing The Reeducation of LJM (in her case NLM), David Wilcox does his take on Paper Dolls, Wendy Beckerman sings I Put A Spell on You, and Adam Levy performs Goodbye New York. Other songs are in the works but rather than wait I think I will put out the first five for now.
yard sale