I was up in Maine for the New Year. A lot of snow. Fun to be in the backyard of my childhood, making a snowman with my kids. We ate at Dysarts Truck Stop every day. My kids love it
and so do I. You don’t get that kind of food and “atmosphere” in Los Angeles!

george wein book

I’ve been reading the George Wein biography. He’s the guy who started the Newport Jazz and Folk festivals, and a lot more.
Man, the stories behind the scenes!
newport jazz pinkled zep newport
Later, George produced the New Orleans Jazz Fest.
I remember floating down the Mississippi on a huge riverboat listening to live music,
feeling like I’d died and gone to heaven.
Got to thinking about Marshall Sehorn and googled him.
He was Allen Toussaint’s business partner, who let me in the door with my tape
and got me my first song recorded by Aaron Neville.
At the time, he offered to take me in to the studio and make an album with me.
The deal was, he would take all my song publishing (for no money)
and in fact give me nothing at all, except taking me into the studio.
I said no, but looking back I wish I’d just gone along with it, just for the experience of recording
with those incredible musicians, like The Meters, from that era in New Orleans!
sehorns soul farm
PS The Banana Cream Pie from Dysarts Truck Stop in Maine is equally as good as the Banana Cream pie from The Camellia Grill in New Orleans!