OK, I haven’t posted since Christmas. Been busy! Just went into the studio with a new band I’m part of, La Cienaga Collective. I’ve been playing bass with my friend Andres Ospina for 2 years. So much fun. Many times I’m the only non-Spanish speaker in the house, but what a warm and beautiful house it is. Now we’ve added Axel Hernandez, and along with a changing cast of other Colombians plus percussionists from Ecuador and Mexico, we are playing what I call hippie/Latin music. I’m singing and writing in Spanish a bit, and having a tough time rolling my “R”s! Remember, I’m originally from the East Coast where r=aah! I just got my first stand up bass. Looking forward to diving into that. Keeps me sweating, keeps it fresh.
Doing final mix tweaks on my forthcoming LJM album of 10 new songs, tentatively titled “Pony Boy.”
I’ve gotta stop recording and get out into the world and perform. I’ve so missed it. Parenthood duties have kept me grounded. Well, that’s beautiful, too. Teaching my son to drive my stick shift Volvo P1800. Am I nervous, of course, but he’s got it down. The hard part is keeping your eyes open to all the bad behavior of the OTHER drivers! I told him, just remember that everyone who drinks too much, smokes too much pot, is too old, or too young, or too crazy, etc., etc., is out there behind the wheel!
Lord have mercy!
Love to all!