June 2012


Just getting into a preview of the new Junot Diaz story collection I got from the NYC book expo,
“This Is How You Lose Her.”
The story is called “The Cheater’s Guide to Love.”
This guy is so good a writer it’s no joke.
I’m guessing since he teaches at MIT, I’m not
the first person to figure that out.
I can so relate to his characters, all seemingly
from Dominican Republic who speak half English/ half Spanish throughout.
This guy writes like guys think, that is, straight from the brain, unedited, especially
in regards to the matter of GIRLS.
It’s all so painfully true, there’s a half-smile on my face as I read away. I’ve
been there. It hurts. Even if I can laugh about it now.
It seems like he just types away and turns it in to his publisher, but of
course, once again, that’s why he teaches at MIT,
because he can make it sound like that.
I just finished his story collection “Drown” and I
can’t wait for this new book to come out.


Wendy and I go a long way back now. This is the song that introduced us. I love this new version of it.
Yeah, I like slow jazz, and the Chet Baker trumpet solo is just right. My original title was “Dancing with my Mia”, then “Dancing with my Maria.”