November 2011

Here’s my new Christmas song, “December.” /a

Happy Holidays to all.
December, december
December is the cruelest month
I stand alone by the window
Where the streetlight shines in
And all across the city, rain and wind

December, december
I’ll say no prayers in december
In hopes the gods won’t find us
Their moods turn dark this time of year
And to lose you now would be too cruel
That’s my biggest fear

I stand vigil by your bed
And hold your hand all thru the night
If in our will, we can heal
Then I’ll will you thru to the morning light

December, december
The river is black beneath the ice
All living things
Have taken shelter from the night
As if to warn “your soul’s in danger,
Take flight”

There’s a reason man invented drink
It calms the mind, it quiets the soul
It takes the edge off of the night
From being so long and cold

Oh, holy night
And all the stars are singing
I sing to myself to keep the voices in my head from ringing

December, december
I’ll sleep long hours in december
Until the turn into januarys light
And then I’ll say a prayer for the fallen
Who could not bear the weight of december’s night

December, december
December is the cruelest month


Here’s my Irish Christmas song.
I’m playing a dulcimer made in Maine by Dana Bourgeois many years ago.
It was given to me as gift and sat unused until last year.
The girl singing so beautifully is Nichelle Monroe.
Merry Christmas and love to all!

Follow this link to my itunes store for a listen: /a

“LJM’s Irish Christmas”

I left a glass of Irish whiskey out for Santa Claus
And he drank it and another one as well
And if I shed a tear, well, it’s too much too close to the surface
Exactly what I couldn’t tell
Love is heaven, love is hell
Noel, Noel
Merry Christmas

I like the lights on the Empire State Building
The trees on every corner in New York City
And all the girls at St. Patrick’s in red velvet
Mmm, so pretty
I light a candle for everyone I love and myself
Noel, Noel
Merry Christmas

So what were we, maybe 19
It was you, your mother and me
Listening to the choir sing on Christmas Eve
Snow falling, all calm, all bright
Did not heaven and nature sing on that holy night
There is hope in the ringing of the bells
Noel, Noel
Merry Christmas

sarah siskind

My friend Sarah Siskind has a new album called “Novel”, and it’s killer.
Here’s my favorite song from it, “Nowhere in the Middle”: