Check out a preview of a few songs I co-wrote with Wendy Lands from her forthcoming new album, “Mumble.”
Great sounds, killer band!


Here are Wendy’s comments from her new website, on the four songs we wrote together:

“Party Girl”: The Anna Nicoles and Marilyns of the world are represented here… tragic, tormented, vulnerable women who seem to love a party more then they love themselves.

“Brand New Juliet”: Oh Van Morrison… how I love thee… Watching my man fall for a woman who seems to have everything I don’t. Bi-ch!

“Paris”: A melancholy sketch of the city of lights, smudged on a creased napkin. Larry John McNally is one of the most legendary writers I’ve had the thrill to work with. He came up with the idea of Paris… a crumbling relationship, lives half lived – dreams fading. Paris is their last chance…

“Just a Little”: Well… sometimes it’s so darn good, ya just want a little bit more, a little bit longer… like all night… that would be alright… don’t tell mom.