May 2010


Played a private party last night, adding a few new songs to the set list:

1. I Put a Spell On You (song I wrote with Adam Levy)
2. Nobody’s Girl
3. Long Drag Off A Cigarette
4. Roses Have Thorns
5. Mercy, Pity, Peace & Love
6. Shelter (new song from my next album)
7. Danny Boy/Romeo & Juliet in Belfast (on electric dulcimer)
8. Flower Girl
9. Just My Imagination
10. Manic Depression

the band was:
Lee Curreri
David Schwartz
Nichelle Monroe
and my friend Andres Ospina sitting in on percussion

Andres is my Columbian songwriter friend who I’ve been playing with lately.
We played a bunch of his music late into the evening, and I made my
debut on standup bass. I’ll need the rest of my life to gain mastery over that
beautiful unwieldly instrument!


Please stop on by! We’re going on at 7:30. Featuring David Schwartz on upright bass, Nichelle Monroe on vocals and percussion, Lee Curreri on keyboards and Melodica, and Danilo Arroyo on percussion.
Hang around for my long time friend from Maine, Jude Johnstone.

Morning after update:

What a fun time it was last night. The band is really coming together. We played:
1. Nobody’s Girl
2. Long Drag Off A Cigarette
3. Mercy, Pity, Peace & Love -Danilo is a very funky drummer.
The groove really came alive.
4. Roses have Thorns - Live debut.
5. Danny Boy/ Romeo & Juliet in Belfast (on electric dulcimer)
6. Flower Girl (on Dobro) -Live debut.
A bit shaky on my part but had a great vibe!
7. Just My Imagination - first time with Nichelle. Finally I have someone else
to sing with!