January 2009

My favorite place, my favorite time of year…


In the studio with California tan. As I recall it was about 105 degrees that day! Maybe if you’re in Amsterdam, right now in January, that sounds good!



Do you know the play, “Da” by Hugh Leonard. Very powerful, especially for an Irish Catholic like myself (one with Protestant father!) I’ve been on a binge lately reading Irish writers. Engrossed now in Colum McCann’s “Everything in This Country Must” (die, of course, death being an Irish obsession). I went out and found every play by Conor McPherson. So illuminating of the Irish way of being, thinking, fighting and fornicating! I hear that Conor has taken up songwriting. Can’t wait to hear where he goes with that. Years ago I saw the movie “Local Hero” which takes place in Scotland. It so reminded me of Maine, where I grew up. It became clear to me that the Scots and Irish brought their way of life to New England, where it remains intact. Foul weather, foul moods, foul bouts of alcohol consumption. All fuel for a cache of lovely poetry, oddly enough. Not sure why the Irish have such a way with words, especially considering that English is not their native language. My son, who calls me Da, by the way, did his 5th grade essay on the Potato Famine. A very heartbreaking moment in Irish history. Bury the hatchet, but mark the spot, as they say. Hopefully with a touch of forgiveness.

Sometimes I wonder what life would’ve been like for me had I stayed in Maine. Now I know! Something tells me that those guns are part of their foreplay ritual! Ah, well, it’s all about tension and release, however you manage to get there!