December 2007


I should be writing about the holidays, shouldn’t I. Well, best of all to all of you. I got myself my first ipod for Xmas. Perhaps that’s old news for many of you, but it’s so cool. It holds 40,000 songs, though I’ve only thought of a few hundred that I want to listen to. My favorite new music is from Amy Winehouse. She is amazing. It wasn’t her albums that brought me in, though, it was the ‘bootleg’ videos on You Tube from her live shows. Check her out singing ‘Back to Black’ in Amsterdam. She’s high on something. God bless her, hope she survives. Did I buy the CDs, no, I downloaded the songs that I liked from itunes. No wonder songwriters like myself are in trouble. Even I don’t buy CDs any more. Fortunately plenty of people are buying The Eagles CD with my song on it. It pays my studio bills for all the new music I’m recording. Spent the day there today. Having fun. Hope you will when you hear it. Oh, yeah, another gorgeous record you need to hear is Corinne Bailey Rae singing Joni Mitchell’s song “River” on Herbie Hancock’s Joni tribute album. Man, there’s some incredible talent coming out of the UK these days. My favorites are Amy Winehouse, Corinne Bailey Rae, James Morrison, and from Ireland, Damien Rice. Happy New Year to all.

Played a benefit show last night in Culver City (Los Angeles neighborhood). It was a tribute to Nicolette Larson. Her daughter played 3 songs. That was the high point of the evening for me. Elsie May Larson-Kunkel. She’s the daughter of Russ Kunkel, famed James Taylor drummer (& more) and Nicolette. Elsie is a senior in high school. She has the same beauty and soul and charisma that her mother had. Actually, to be fair, she has her OWN beauty, soul & charisma, but there are certainly echoes of her mother in there. Beautiful to see the music being passed along to the next generation. Not sure exactly what defines a generation, but you get my drift. With her father as a guide, she’s in good hands. Can’t wait to hear her first album.
I played, “Nobody’s Girl”, “I Love to Watch A Woman Dance”, a snippet of “When You Come Around” (the song I co-wrote with Nicolette years ago) and “Just My Imagination.” The choir singing the chorus with me was exceptional. Turns out that many in the audience are, in fact, part of a choir of assorted LA music biz vets, including Rosemary Butler, who sang for years with Jackson Browne. As I’ve said before, the music world is a circus world. All the different writers, performers and otherwise that I’ve run into over the years. Didn’t feel like going straight home so I stopped at the Cinema Bar down the street.
It was packed. The LA Alt-Country all stars were playing, featuring Randy Weeks. It was great. Two guitars, bass and drums and great songs. What else do you need. Los Angeles is so strange. The streets are deserted but then, behind closed doors there are some amazing scenes going on.
One positive aspect of the constant driving in LA is the time to listen to music in the car. I’ve compiled a CD of songs from my forthcoming album of songs (versus the instrumental album that I’m also about to release) to listen to for mixing ideas and other details. Sure sounded good to me last night. Can’t wait to get it into the world and get out and tour again.