September 2007

Played last night in Santa Barbara. Driving up and back along the coast, after the rain, the moon shining across the water, pure magic. The show was part of The Trinity Backstage series. Many thanks to Kate Wallace & Doug Clegg for putting together such a wonderful venue. It feels so good to play in such a great sounding room to such a warm audience.
I played:
Nobody’s Girl
I Love to Watch A Woman Dance
Everything Comes Easy to Me
I Love to Wake Up in New Orleans
Buddy Holly
read a poem by Jack Gilbert:”Naked Except for the Jewelry”
I Put A Spell On You
Mercy, Pity, Peace & Love


Sidewalks of Summer
Love is a Ruthless Thing
Over Fences
Carroll Gardens
Little Satellite
New York, New York
Jusy My Imagination
For My Wedding


The Eagles have recorded my song “I Love to Watch A Woman Dance.” Glenn Frey sings the lead vocal and it’ll be out on October 30th on their new double album called, “Long Road Out of Eden.”
I’m very excited about MY new album. Just completing my 12 minute tribute to New York, called, what else, “New York, New York.” My secret ambition is to be mayor of New York. A very good friend in the know, says that that would cost me 200 million dollars. OK, I’m a bit short on cash, at this time. If I am elected, all the high paying jobs will go to The Irish. Uh, oh, I’d better hire a good PR firm!
I’m planning on releasing my first instrumental album this Fall/Winter. Working on a special package that features my artwork and Super 8 stills that I shot in New York and Amsterdam. All this stuff keeps me busy. I’ll keep you posted.
P.S. Check out Adam Levy’s new album, “Washing Day.”. It’s produced by Marvin Etzioni, with whom I recorded my ‘Vibrolux’ album. Adam does a new studio version of the song we wrote together, “I Put A Spell On You.” Very moody, late night New York.