New at CD Baby, my re-make of my old classic, The Motown Song with my current Live band featuring Nichelle Monroe, David Schwartz, Lucy Schwartz and Michael Jerome.

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Click on the link below for a recent interview I did
with Bliss Bowen for The Argonaut in Santa Monica

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Hola mis amigos! New stuff for 2014; My new albums ‘Adios Pony Boy’ and ‘Discovered’ are out now on itunes, spotify, CDBaby etc. So far the fave songs on ‘Adios Pony Boy’ seem to be ‘Romeo & Juliet in Belfast’ featuring the Henry Girls from the north of Ireland This is a song regarding The Troubles in Ireland, hopefully with empathy for both sides, the human side that is. The other most streamed song is ‘Goodbye New York’.

My compilation album, ‘Discovered’, is remastered favorites plus two new songs; ‘No Then Yes’, featuring Nichelle Monroe who will performing with me this year, and ‘Did John Coltrane’, my first track featuring saxophone.
pony boy


Looking ahead to the coming months are 2 more releases; Yard Sale which is a loose ends of various unreleased songs of mine. I love this group of songs, some folky, some funky, some jazzy.

I have been slowly compiling a sort of tribute album featuring the songs from my latest abum, Adios Pony Boy. So far 5 of my friends have contributed their interpretations of my songs. Big fun for me, to hear where people go with what was my original inspiration. The first five are, Michael Ruff singing Carroll Gardens, Nichelle Monroe singing The Reeducation of LJM (in her case NLM), David Wilcox does his take on Paper Dolls, Wendy Beckerman sings I Put A Spell on You, and Adam Levy performs Goodbye New York. Other songs are in the works but rather than wait I think I will put out the first five for now.
yard sale


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I was up in Maine for the New Year. A lot of snow. Fun to be in the backyard of my childhood, making a snowman with my kids. We ate at Dysarts Truck Stop every day. My kids love it
and so do I. You don’t get that kind of food and “atmosphere” in Los Angeles!

george wein book

I’ve been reading the George Wein biography. He’s the guy who started the Newport Jazz and Folk festivals, and a lot more.
Man, the stories behind the scenes!
newport jazz pinkled zep newport
Later, George produced the New Orleans Jazz Fest.
I remember floating down the Mississippi on a huge riverboat listening to live music,
feeling like I’d died and gone to heaven.
Got to thinking about Marshall Sehorn and googled him.
He was Allen Toussaint’s business partner, who let me in the door with my tape
and got me my first song recorded by Aaron Neville.
At the time, he offered to take me in to the studio and make an album with me.
The deal was, he would take all my song publishing (for no money)
and in fact give me nothing at all, except taking me into the studio.
I said no, but looking back I wish I’d just gone along with it, just for the experience of recording
with those incredible musicians, like The Meters, from that era in New Orleans!
sehorns soul farm
PS The Banana Cream Pie from Dysarts Truck Stop in Maine is equally as good as the Banana Cream pie from The Camellia Grill in New Orleans!


Just getting into a preview of the new Junot Diaz story collection I got from the NYC book expo,
“This Is How You Lose Her.”
The story is called “The Cheater’s Guide to Love.”
This guy is so good a writer it’s no joke.
I’m guessing since he teaches at MIT, I’m not
the first person to figure that out.
I can so relate to his characters, all seemingly
from Dominican Republic who speak half English/ half Spanish throughout.
This guy writes like guys think, that is, straight from the brain, unedited, especially
in regards to the matter of GIRLS.
It’s all so painfully true, there’s a half-smile on my face as I read away. I’ve
been there. It hurts. Even if I can laugh about it now.
It seems like he just types away and turns it in to his publisher, but of
course, once again, that’s why he teaches at MIT,
because he can make it sound like that.
I just finished his story collection “Drown” and I
can’t wait for this new book to come out.


Wendy and I go a long way back now. This is the song that introduced us. I love this new version of it.
Yeah, I like slow jazz, and the Chet Baker trumpet solo is just right. My original title was “Dancing with my Mia”, then “Dancing with my Maria.”

OK, I haven’t posted since Christmas. Been busy! Just went into the studio with a new band I’m part of, La Cienaga Collective. I’ve been playing bass with my friend Andres Ospina for 2 years. So much fun. Many times I’m the only non-Spanish speaker in the house, but what a warm and beautiful house it is. Now we’ve added Axel Hernandez, and along with a changing cast of other Colombians plus percussionists from Ecuador and Mexico, we are playing what I call hippie/Latin music. I’m singing and writing in Spanish a bit, and having a tough time rolling my “R”s! Remember, I’m originally from the East Coast where r=aah! I just got my first stand up bass. Looking forward to diving into that. Keeps me sweating, keeps it fresh.
Doing final mix tweaks on my forthcoming LJM album of 10 new songs, tentatively titled “Pony Boy.”
I’ve gotta stop recording and get out into the world and perform. I’ve so missed it. Parenthood duties have kept me grounded. Well, that’s beautiful, too. Teaching my son to drive my stick shift Volvo P1800. Am I nervous, of course, but he’s got it down. The hard part is keeping your eyes open to all the bad behavior of the OTHER drivers! I told him, just remember that everyone who drinks too much, smokes too much pot, is too old, or too young, or too crazy, etc., etc., is out there behind the wheel!
Lord have mercy!
Love to all!

Here’s my new Christmas song, “December.” /a

Happy Holidays to all.
December, december
December is the cruelest month
I stand alone by the window
Where the streetlight shines in
And all across the city, rain and wind

December, december
I’ll say no prayers in december
In hopes the gods won’t find us
Their moods turn dark this time of year
And to lose you now would be too cruel
That’s my biggest fear

I stand vigil by your bed
And hold your hand all thru the night
If in our will, we can heal
Then I’ll will you thru to the morning light

December, december
The river is black beneath the ice
All living things
Have taken shelter from the night
As if to warn “your soul’s in danger,
Take flight”

There’s a reason man invented drink
It calms the mind, it quiets the soul
It takes the edge off of the night
From being so long and cold

Oh, holy night
And all the stars are singing
I sing to myself to keep the voices in my head from ringing

December, december
I’ll sleep long hours in december
Until the turn into januarys light
And then I’ll say a prayer for the fallen
Who could not bear the weight of december’s night

December, december
December is the cruelest month

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